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5 Etiquette Reminders For New Lawyers

5 Etiquette Reminders For New Lawyers


With the rise of modern technology and the domination of social media in society today, old fashioned face to face decorums and etiquette are regretfully being forgotten. Most communications and transactions are done through emailing or video calling even by law professionals, but new lawyers should be reminded that they will still need to function each day on a personal face to face encounter. This article will list down the 5 most basic reminders on basic etiquette for new lawyers.


Dress Accordingly

It is better for new lawyers to overdress rather than to underdress. Your appearance will say a lot about your personality and the profession that you are representing, and even new lawyers should be able to control how they look. There are various websites or blogs that teaches professionals or a specific industry on how to approach fashion from the fabrics of suit to wear, colors, the right fitting, buttons to choose. Shoes and accessories also should be given attention. Even young lawyers are not expected to join the latest trends of wearing sneakers under slacks.


Business Cards

This is somewhat traditional and some people might disagree on this and may say that business cards are a thing of the past, but carrying with you at all times will give you the aura of a classic and serious type of lawyer. Nothing beats a classic approach and will definitely work even for new lawyers of  this new age. Business cards are after all an easy way to gather information and to give information. Just do not litter them around the Conference Room or to places and events that you will be joining. Give one card only to those who will ask for it Trust me there will always be those asking for them because lawyers are expected to have them.


Turn Off Your Mobile Phone

Cell Phones and tablets should be kept in silent mode, just make sure to turn on the vibrate function. Make it a habit to avoid embarrassment on meetings and important discussions. But in the instance that you forget to do so, and your cell phone rang in the middle of an important or even sensitive discussion. Do not answer it, apologize to your client for the interruption, excuse yourself for a minute and  turn your gadget into silent.



Handshaking is a form of common courtesy for professionals in most industries including the law profession. Make it a habit to always free one of your hand all the time in the event that a handshake is expected to end a conversation or to greet an acquaintance. Make sure to bring hand sanitizers and a moisturizer to keep your hands clean and smooth. You will not want to embarrass yourself with smelly and rough hands.


Say “Please” and “Thank You”

These are the most basic courtesy learned from childhood. Use the manners taught even to a child. As a lawyer, you are expected to show even the most basic and simplest forms of courtesy.